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Branding, Packaging

Driven by our desire to provide the best gourmet food for everyday living, our aim to inspire and excite the imagination of all food lovers. With products sourced and selected from around the globe, Hint is a Private Label of Ethos focused on providing natural ingredients
produced by specialist, artisan suppliers.

We wanted to approach the food industry in a differently, not just by what you see. To do this, our research pointed us to an audience that is encouraged to cook for themselves.

Hint can be described as an action or the quantity of something. We developed a system that could explain both defnitions. Our goal was to create packaging that would engage our audience to cook more and also look good doing it. All of our containers were selected carefully in order to take minimal space for easy arrangement.

Collaboration with:
Jihae Gu, Elizabeth Khuu, and  Hyunjin Yoon

Branding, Packaging, Print

This is a gallery and bookstore that is curated for your visual pleasure. It is built as a space to collobrate with designers, artists, photographers, and creatives alike. Limited edition products could be found here that are made from many artists in different industires.

Our goal was to present aesthetically pleasing design through the concept of "Eye Candy". Expressed figuratively and literally, the brand system features printed collateral that uses vivid colors and alluring imagery.

Collaboration with:
Jay Jeon

Art Direction, Branding, Print
This is an annual event that creates a conversation about global pollution. It is made up of performances, community murals, and interactive installations sharing a single message. Together we are able to make a difference in our community.

Speaking directly to the name, a colorful palatte was made throughout the whole brand system. Bright and enticing colors are meant to spark insight to this music festival. A pattern that mimics our polluted waters is made to be a visual alternative to a global pollution.

Art Direction, Branding, Print

Men's Warehouse is built to satisfy their customers with tailored suits and world class service. For over 40 years, the motto has not changed, "you are going to like the way you look". All their stores have a professiona that has access to the finest materials and equipment for that custom tailored look.

Moving forward, the rebrand is created as a bolder approach to keep up with their competitors. There are many brands that are taking a smiliar approach that Men's Warehouse has done for many years. The difference is that those other brands are approaching the younger audience, the millenials. This rebrand is made to bring in that millenial demographic, but keep the sophisticated customers they currently have.

A brewery that creates craft beer based on customer feedback. Being located in San Francisco, one of the most diverse cities in the United States, there are many personalities and perspectives that walk in and out of their brewery. All is welcomed to give their own feedback on their beer and also recommend what they would want out of it.

Different styles of hand-made typography was made to convey the various districts of San Francisco that each flavor is named after. With all the production done in one place, the design is made for the brewer to personalize and explain what to expect in each bottle you receive. This is done to educate the customer and show that every product is made under the same roof.

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