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Tread by Everlane. 2019

In April 2019, Everlane decided to create a new kind of sneaker brand that make the world’s lowest-impact sneakers, Tread by Everlane. Upon their first release, 500+ seeding boxes were sent to influcencers, ambassadors, and friends of the brand.

Within these boxes you’ll find not only the world’s lowest-impact sneakers, but also biodgradable foam and recycled cardboard thats printed with eco-friendly ink. All made with our environment in mind.

Designed with Everlane Creative Team & Tread Crew.

CD: Alexandra Spunt, Ben Vrazo
Design Director: Felix Roos
Senior Designer: Jordan Vouga
Designer: Mark John Mangayayam
Copywriter: Francis McInnis, Alex Applegate
Photography: César Martínez

Packaging Detail (Outside)

Packaging Detail/Foam (Inside)

Packaging Detail (Inside)
Packging Detail (Typography)

Packaging Destail (Inside)

Packaging Detail/Foam (Inside)

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