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Mark John Mangayayam is a filipino graphic designer born in Honolulu, HI and is based in San Francisco, CA. Currently he’s working with Hybrid Design (2020︎︎︎Present), and also working independently with various brands. His primary focus is on building enduring experiences through brand identities, art direction, typography, and print/digital design.

Mark John Mangayayam is a graphic designer from Honolulu, HI and is living in San Francisco, CA. currently working with Hybrid Design, and independently with various brands. He primarily focuses on creating brand experiences through branding, art direction, typography, and print/digital design.
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Previously, he’s worked also with Everlane (2017︎︎︎2020) and Rubber Design (2017). Prior to that, he attended Academy of Art University and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and New Media. Over the past few years he's worked with many clients in the fields of fashion, health/nutrition, technology, food/beverage, sports, and education. 

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Editorial/Publication Design
Motion Graphics
Print/Web Design
Promotional Material

Selected Clients

Gus’s Market
Kokua Kalihi Valley
The New York Times
+ More

Feel free to reach out for potential freelance, collaborations, or questions.
Feel free to reach out for freelance, collaborations, or if you would like to see recent work.